Out theme is compatible with most of the multilingual and translating plugins like wpml, qTranslate. If you want to create an own language file, it’s very easy.

  1. Select in the admin panel under Settings -> General -> Site Language the language you want to use
  2. Download & install Poedit
    1. You need this programm to translate the .pot-file (untranslated language file with all strings) to the language you want to use and save it as .po & .mo files
    2. You can find it under: http://poedit.net/
  3. Open the /wp-content/themes/pinpossible/languages/xx_XX.pot file with Poedit
  4. Translate all the strings
  5. Save the file as .po & .mo-file
    1. The files should have following name:
    2. If you don’t know the string you need to use for “LANGUAGECODE_COUNTRYCODE”, just have a look into your /wp-config.php file under define( ‘WPLANG’, * );
      There should be written something like “de_DE” for the german localization. So name your file de_DE.po & de_DE.mo
  6. Upload the new language files (.po & .mo) to one of the folders
    1. Main theme
      1. /wp-content/themes/pinpossible/languages/
    2. Child theme
      I recommend you to use a child theme, so after theme updates your language files will not be overwritten

      1. /wp-content/themes/pinpossible-child/languages/
    3. WordPress language folder
      Here you must add the themes name as prefix of the file names (e.g. pinpossible-de_DE.po, pinpossible-de_DE.mo)

      1. /wp-content/languages/themes/
    4. After that just reload the page. Your translated strings should work now